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  • Difficulties of finding information that adequately fulfills our needs are rising against the backdrop of lifestyle diversification and exponential growth of online information.
    If you happen to find yourself cluttered with information, you can turn to Kibiro, an AI-based robot.
    Kibiro helps you to find meaningful information with ease. As an AI-based robot that can learn to understand your thoughts and behavior, Kibiro spends its time to learn more about you by gathering information extracted from daily verbal conversations and text messages.
    One of the best ways to get to know someone is to learn what they do and what they like, and Kibiro just does this.
Imagine you are at a library, drinking stand, or visitor center. What if Kibiro comes up to you and points to a selection of available items that clearly reflect your preferences?
You can teach Kibiro to do this by sharing your ideas about what wonderful foods are, interesting hobbies would be, places you feel as the most beautiful place on earth.
The more you engage in conversation with Kibiro, the more Kibiro will know about you.
You may one day encounter a pleasant surprise brought to you by Kibiro that consequently matches your likes and preferences even though you have not considered it, or never had the chance to know about it before.
Start talking with Kibiro from anywhere―from work, campus, shopping, waiting room, hiking trail, as well as at home.
The robot actively works with SNS, learns from your choices, and goes to the world of immense data to unearth information that would most certainly appeal.
Daily conversations would help Kibiro to understand their human companion better. Such prominent feature is present only in Kibiro.
If you are lost in information, why not ask for help from a reliable buddy?

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A Partnership Program with Kibiro

We are looking for opportunities for Kibiro to promote your facility and increase visitor turnout. Kibiro can drive communications that take place in and around sites where many people gather, such as showrooms or retail stores. Our robot will be a high value enabler for consumers by being put in various service facilities. Kibiro will attract more people, show visitors around venues, provide product explanations as well as personnalized recommendations. Why not collaborate with our Kibiro on your service, or partner with us to expand Kibiro into facilities?


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