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FRONTEO Communications is a company that helps to enrich people’s lives by studying their tastes and preferences, and using artificial intelligence to identify what they need among the vast amount of information on the web. Making full use of state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, we strive to support people's decision making and behavior to achieve better communication.


The Little Things that You Enjoy in Life

FRONTEO Communications excels in dealing with free text data, which are difficult to analyze with conventional technology. Using our unique artificial intelligence technology to provide fast and accurate analysis of such data, which could be described as crystallized human value judgements, we are able to offer services which were previously unavailable.
  • Robot Business

    Partner to Discover Yourself

    Despite emerging in the computer age, many people say when it comes to artificial intelligence, they are clueless. To overcome this disadvantage, we came up with a solution of providing a user friendly interface like Kibiro. As an AI-based personal robot, Kibiro can learn to know their companion’s personality through communication.Why not explore and find more of your favorites that are yet unknown to you with Kibiro?

    About Kibiro

  • Digital curation service

    Using artificial intelligence to find the ideal match

    FRONTEO Communications analyzes user comments on the review pages and electronic commerce sites to which everyone refers, and provides customized information based on the exhibited preferences of each user. By understanding people’s tastes and preferences, we can offer highly specific recommendations that cut across genres in a manner that was not possible using conventional systems focused on ratings and purchasing/behavioral patterns.




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